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Ztarman3 is Starman3's doppleganger and the leader of all Blooper Stoppers, also called the Blooper Stopper Chief.  He was created by OiramOiram12345 but served Ztarragus, a sentient star being ruling Ztarragus's Island, for many years under the name Namrats3.  Then he created Blooper Stoppers, preserved doppleganger soldiers, to invade Blooper Land starting the Second Doppleganger War (Starman3's Blooper 40).  His best friends are Nwaf, NafIgiul12345, and OiramOiram12345 (His "virtual brother"), and his cousin is IgiulKin.  Zm3 was said to gain power from an unknown source called the Ztar X, hidden somewhere.


Ztarman3 appeared in MarioMario54321's, Marhfg's, and JakobTheBadassah867's videos but his most notable appearance was in Blooper 40 by Starman3.  He was known as the Blooper Stopper Chief at that time but was revealed to be Sm3's evil clone.  He then sent BS Soldiers to invade the castle and some non-DSX dopplegangers as well, but all failed.  Eventually Sm3 and MarioMario54321 went to the Multi-Dimensional Road to fight Ztarman3.  The two counterparts fought strong and well, but Zm3 knocked Sm3 unconscious.  MM54321 was forced to unstabilize the Light Star X to upgrade Sm3 to Starman3 X, allowing the Dark Star X to become unstabilized and upgrade Zm3 to Ztarman3 X.  Sm3 X was more powerful, so Zm3 X decided to mentally hurt Sm3 X by beating up his best friend, MM54321, to the Blooper Land.  Sm3 X got enraged that Zm3 X who be so reckless so he completely destroyed the doppleganger.  It is said in JTBA's video, Freeing of the Ztar, that JTBA and his friends freed Ztarman3 who apparantly was transformed into a statue after his defeat to "piss Ware (Sm3) off", so Zm3 became friends with them and went to drink beer.  This is non-canon to the Doppleganger Chronicles, but might be connected.


Ztarman3 has a sense of sentimetality as he wanted revenge for the fall of OiramOiram12345, which caused him to become power-hungry and cruel.  Back in the years of serving Ztarragus he never was very emotional, just remote.
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