SuperMarioGlitchy3 (more commonly known as Smg3) is the doppleganger of Rizon, one of Zyon's guardians. He disguised as Smg4's doppleganger for a significant amount of time. He is one of the few dopples who hasn't appeared in MarioMario54321's videos. 


His personality varies on his appearances. In GlitchingMario64's videos he is the main antagonist and is cruel, emotionless, and delightful at death and destruction. In Smg4's videos, though, he is silly and is a fan of Justin Bieber, and is always humiliated at the end.


Smg3 bears most resemblance to smg4. His gloves are white, his shoes are brown and his cap and shirt are blue, but unlike smg4, his overalls are black, to paralell smg4's white. In his true form, though, Smg3 has a red and black demonic appearance and a devilish red aura glow around him. He has red pupils and black eyes.

Relationship with other charactersEdit

Smg3 likes all of Xyther's creation but despises Zyon's creation and the Youtuber Heroes.


Smg3's main appearance was in Super Mario: Dopple Trouble aka The Third Doppleganger War as the main antagonist and one of the Super Dopple Guardians. He led a massacre and killed off many Youtubers and then freed The Red Star X, the third one of the Three Xyther Stars. Smg3 planned to use the RSX to explode and crush the multiverse and then have Xyther recreate a new multiverse where only his creations and dopplegangers exist. Only by collecting Cosmic Orbs in different parts of the Cosmic World will they revive the Zyon Star X to defeat The Red Star X. Smg3 revived the Dark Dopple Army from the past to counter the heroes, so the Youtubers and Mario Bros had to revive the Light Dopple Army, and a huge war begin. Smg3 destroyed more Youtubers out of existence, then combined with the Dark Star X and the Red Star X to become Dark SuperMarioGlitchy3 X. GlitchingMario64 combined with the Light Star X and The Zyon Star X to become Light GlitchingMario64 X, and the two superforms fought a final, disastrous battle. Eventually MarioMario54321 joined the battle but he blew up and was crushed by Smg3 and died, then Smg3 finished off Gm64. Luckily the ZSX revived him so Gm64 defeated Smg3 by evaporating him with a light energy ball, then the Mario Bros defeated RSX at its strongest. GlitchingOiram63 still revived Xyther, though, so the aftermath of Super Mario: Dopple Trouble started called: Return of Xyther.