RevolReivaz is the secondary protagonist of "The Arise of ZavierLover" series (which has MarioFan7070 has the main one). He was created as a good doppelganger member by MarioFan7070 to stop ZavierLover from taking over the world filled forces of evil, which consists Bowser and his Koopa Troop minions, Supermarioglitchy3, NafOiram0707 NafCinos31, ZavierGonzo, and BigBlast77. After MarioFan7070, SonicFan13, RevolReivaz and their friends defeated the villains, RevolReivaz was the only one destined to fight ZavierLover to save the world. After a long epic battle, RevolReivaz defeated ZavierLover, and thus saving the world. However ZavierLover unfortunately survived, and vowed to get some revenge.

To be continued...