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Oiram is Mario's doppleganger and one of the first dopplegangers to be created. His brother is Igiul, and his rivals are Oiraw and Igiulaw. Oiram has an opposite color code to Mario.

Appearances Edit

Oiram antagonizes the Mario vs. Oiram series 1-8. The series is all about Mario accidently freeing Oiram so they fight in the Sky Tower. Mario vs. Oiram 1-4 was made by MarioMario54321, who didn't know how to make greenscreen fight scenes at that time. Mario vs. Oiram 5 was made by MarioMario761, and Mario vs. Oiram 6-8 was made by Brynn1100. Oiram also appears in Oiram's Last Stand by LuigiFan54321. Oiram's currently last appearance was in OiramOiram12345 and the Dark Star X, where he was a servant of the DSX who put a Hell Lock on Hell so Youtubers and Mario Bros can't enter the realm. He perished along with other DSX Dopplegangers and went to Dimension X when the DSX got stabilized. Oiram is mentioned in MarioMario761's Super Mario: Next Generation where the Purple ??? and the Green ??? (Main antagonists of SMNG) destroy them, but this is a non-canon timeline to the original Doppleganger Chronicles.